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Iranian rice Golestan Tarem Aromatic 10 kg pack


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Iranian rice Golestan Tarem Aromatic 10 kg pack

Tarem is one of the northern cities of Zanjan province and is close to Gilan, Qazvin and Ardabil provinces. Among the products that are planted in this city, I can mention rice. The village of Tarem Sarham is located in Gilan province and near the city of Kochsefhan, which is similar in name to this region, and the main product of this village is rice. The rice harvested from this area is very poor in terms of quantity, but it is of higher quality. In a simple way, it can be said that they are among the types of rice with high yield and outstanding quality and aroma.

The rice of this region is of very high quality, so that Tarem rice is known as a brand, and in the market, Tarem rice is known as one of the highest quality Iranian rice, and Golestan company has been able to create the taste of a good feeling in the best way. When we eat rice, give it to us. Iranian rice is one of the best rice available in the world market, which has many fans. Tarem Golestan rice is very easy to cook and is very suitable for parties. You can order Golestan rice from our online store and have the rice bag delivered to your door.


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