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Mostafavi saffron 13 grams – Persian saffron


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Mostafavi saffron 13 grams

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This product is made from the best type of Sargol saffron. Saffron of three shekels in a box has the highest standard in terms of taste and color. This saffron is suitable for people who consume a lot of saffron, it is also suitable for souvenirs or gifts.

Application of the product

This product is presented in three-weight cans in laminated packaging, which can be recommended for consumers who have high usage of saffron. The packaging of this product helps you to see the saffron inside this product better. Also, the use of a laminated box in product packaging has made the product a very suitable option for souvenirs or gifts.
Quality saffron can be used in almost any food and appetizer, and if its consumption is within the permitted limits, not only does it have no side effects, but it also has many properties for physical health. The permissible monthly consumption of saffron is between 1 and 4 grams of dry saffron per person. Saffron can be used in all kinds of stews, meals, protein foods and cooked vegetables, all kinds of desserts and appetizers, all kinds of traditional and modern foods, and all kinds of drinks.
Saffron strings can be brewed both as strings and after grinding, and brewed saffron can be added to food. In addition, some people like to add saffron to the food without brewing it to help improve the appearance of the food.

Knowing the original saffron

There are three important ways to identify the original saffron:
– The taste of original saffron is bitter (picro crocin) but pleasant and its smell is also a little spicy (safranal) and if the saffron is sweet or salty, it means that sugar, salt or oil has been added to it and it is fake.
– If we put the saffron thread between the straw paper and press it, it should not leave a greasy stain.
– Saffron turns purple or orange on a gas flame, but fake saffron produces a yellow flame when burned.
In general, one kilogram of dry saffron is obtained from every 170,000 saffron flowers, and a farm worker must work 50 hours on average to harvest this amount of flowers.
The grade (crocin) of saffron in national and international standards is the minimum acceptance of 220, and this number is higher than this number in Mustafavi’s saffron.

Properties and advantages of saffron

The properties of saffron include anti-depressant and invigorating properties, purifying the liver, blood formation, facilitating blood circulation, reviving damaged eye cells, protecting the covering around brain cells, regulating the function of visual cells, preventing platelet deposition in the eye. (preventing Alzheimer’s), strengthening eyesight in old age, preventing the creation of cancer cells in the liver, preventing blood vessel clogging, regulating blood pressure, preventing the increase of cholesterol, triglycerides and bad fat in the blood, cleaning the kidney and bladder, preventing It mentions skin cancer, eliminating bloating and stomach acid, antioxidant, eliminating dry and itchy skin, protecting the eyes from the sun.


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