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Iranian rice Tayefeh 3.5 kg first grade aromatic Astana


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Iranian rice Tayefeh 3.5 kg first grade aromatic Astana Ashrafieh

Iranian rice Tayefeh  rice is one of the long grain varieties and it grows well when cooked. The rice is easy to cook and remains soft for several hours after cooking.

After cooking, the rice grains are in a row and separate from each other. The grains in this rice are uniform. Another reason for the popularity of Hashemi Tayefeh rice is its excellent aroma and taste. Tayefeh rice is organic and natural, does not contain cholesterol and does not need to be cleaned. It is worth mentioning that this rice is sorted by a fully automatic machine.

Another thing about this product is that it is non-genetically modified. Tayefeh Packaging Company has supplied this valuable product without the use of preservatives or even gas injection and has the standard mark of Iran’s Industrial Research Standards Institute. This rice is available in 3.5 kg packaging, with the same memorable design and pattern.

In the end, it should be mentioned that the products of Tayefeh company are produced in the highest quality and health standards and sent to domestic and foreign markets, and this production group does its best to be the best companion of your loved ones on your tables.

Weight 3.5 kg



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