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Saharkhiz saffron Negin 4 grams Azin box


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Saharkhiz saffron Negin 4 grams Azin box

Nagin saffron is 4 grams of Azin, with a cardboard packaging with the three-star mark (iTQi) from the world’s best flavor and fragrance institute.

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The health and quality of saffron has been confirmed by the top laboratories, and the reason for this approval and quality is the supervision of the quality control unit from the selection stage of saffron bulbs to growth and packaging. For this reason, Nagin Saharkhiz saffron has the highest quality in color and aroma, which of course in All seasons of this quality are integrated.

Saharkhaiz uses the most up-to-date technology to reach the exact weight and moisture removal of Negin saffron.

The properties of saffron are the reason for choosing it in the product basket, which is one of the best properties of saffron consumption, which is anti-depression and fighting cancer.

Other features of saffron include its antioxidants and soothing properties.

Due to refreshing the skin and improving the menstrual process, women are more inclined to choose this product in their shopping basket, of course, the consumption of quality saffron improves eyesight, heart health, stomach strength, anti-bloating, preventing vision loss and balancing blood pressure. it is affect.

The advanced process of packaging the precious gift of Saharkhiz saffron Negin 4 grams prevents crushing and damage to the product.

Among the features of the exclusive packaging, we can mention the microscopic state of the bottom of the box, for the beauty and better visibility of the type of saffron, the crystal and closed container, to prevent the penetration of air and moisture into the saffron.


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